Old photos of Cheam

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If you have any old photos of Cheam, please scan them and email them in to us. If anyone has an idea of when these photos were taken then please tell us!

Old photo of Cheam Broadway

Cheam Broadway. The bus stop's still in the same position, though the fares have gone up a bit

Cross Roads at Cheam Village

The cross roads at Cheam Village. No chance of a kebab after a few beers in the Harrow in those days!

Cheam High Street pre 1935

Cheam High Street pre 1935. Tip: Visitors don't park in the loading bays else you may find yourself contributing to the councils coffers!

Walter G. Leppard grocer Cheam

Can anyone help here? This photo was sent in by a reader. It's her relative 'Walter G. Leppard' who ran a grocer's in Cheam. Can anyone identify the property? If so contact us and tell us more.

Cheam information:
Cheam Village
History of Cheam
Henry VIII & Nonsuch
Churches & chapels:
St. Dunstan's
Lumley Chapel
St. Alban's
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Cheam Park
Nonsuch Park
Seears Park
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Cheam Social Club
The Harrow
The Prince of Wales
Ye Olde Red Lion
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5,7 & 9 Malden Road
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