The Old Farmhouse

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Address: The Old Farmhouse, Church Road, Cheam

This picturesque farmhouse is a reminder of Cheam's rural history. Cheam is now a bustling and thriving suburban town – so it's hard to believe that before its rapid expansion in the 1920s and 30s, the area was sparsely populated, and locals mostly got around by foot, or horse and cart. The economy was largely agricultural based and many of the locals were labourers, farm workers or gardeners.

The Old Farmhouse, Cheam, Autumn 2008

Above: The Old Farmhouse, Cheam, Autumn 2008. Below: The rustic beamed doorway

The Old Farmhouse sign above doorway
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Cheam Village
History of Cheam
Henry VIII & Nonsuch
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St. Dunstan's
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Cheam Park
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The Old Farmhouse
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